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Whether selling or buying we can offer a bespoke service to help prepare your property for the market or to make your new house a home.

Moving Out?
When selling a property, appearance can help attract a greater number of interested buyers and secure a better price. This might mean giving some rooms a lick of paint, finishing off outstanding odd jobs and/or giving the garden a tidy up.
We can work with you to draw up a list of what needs to be done and what it will cost to make your home more presentable for selling.
If you are moving on while your property is still on the market it is important that it is maintained in good order. We can help ensure this by visiting your property regularly and carrying out work as required.

Moving in?
Have you, or are you about to move into a new property? Are there jobs that are needing to be done? We can be there from day 1 to help you make your new place your home straight away.
While you're thinking about what goes where, we can be working on changing locks, fitting shelves, laying insulation or tending to unfinished jobs left by the previous owner. Or, we can be there if you simply need another pair of hands to get everything where its supposed to be.